Alleluia! The Virgin Mary Has Fans!

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The Virgin Mary Had a Little Lamb audience reviews from The Craig:

“Virgin Mary Had a Little Lamb. Great performance by a talented comedienne. Her use of the film behind her to allow her to interact with other characters was really effective and gave variety. It was irreverent to the figures in the Roman Catholic mythology, but never crass or rude. Very funny. 5 stars.”

“Ana’s prowess as a filmmaker comes through loud and clear in this great show. Not only did she write and direct it herself, but she also plays all the parts, on stage and on film. The interaction between the film characters and the real life Ana is impeccably timed and very funny. I especially love her use of wigs and makeup. While her comedy is certainly irreverent, it is never disrespectful, and as a Catholic, I can honestly say I enjoyed it immensely. Ana is a very gifted comic writer and actor, and this show highlights her talents beautifully.”

“Irreverent and hilarious! Especially enjoyed it as a lapsed Catholic. Excellent acting — one woman show — very talented. I laughed so hard I was at risk of not being able to stop. Totally engaging! My fav so far…”

“Very funny! Still needs some tightening and rewriting here and there, but Ana’s delivery and concept are definitely worth a look.”

(Photo by Pamela Stringer)


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